Thursday, February 17

a few things i'm thankful for

Violet*, our office's color printer, because she finally opted not to ingest my last printout. She's a stubborn, piggish b&#ch, so pulling a print from her was quite a feat.
*Yes, our tech support group really did name all our printers after trees and flowers... we've got Maple, Aspen, Jasmine,--even a CabbageTree. I'd give them credit for being witty or facetious, but I don't think they see the irony in naming paper-eating machines after friends of the forest.

I didn't set the room on fire or suffer convulsions when the spaceheater in my office shot out sparks and smoke as I turned it on the other morning. Before I chucked it in the garbage, I gave it props for giving such a great protest to the ridiculous February temps out there. Then I swore at Mr. Groundhog and his shadow under my breath.

My new respect for the CVS drugstore chain. The assistant manager at our local store gave us our money back (in cash!) for the wussy spaceheater they sold us a couple months earlier. Move over Osco (and that goes double for the rude pseudo-pharmacist at the location down the street)!