Monday, March 28

jeepers, peepers

Happily, I have wonderful parents who still conspire with the Easter Bunny to leave their daughters green plastic grass- and goody-filled baskets. Note that I'm 26 and my younger sister is 24; traditions don't die easily in our household!

So Sunday morning, I awoke to find a family of Peeps perched in a basket of shimmery plastic strands, among Dove chocolate eggs and other assorted treats. The best part? The Peeps had been out of their packaging for awhile, giving them that slight staleness I tend to crave when I spot a sugar-studded yellow chick.

Apparently, these marshmallow snacks have gained quite the following. You can even make them yourself at home: Wham-o, the company that brought us Frisbees and Hacky Sacks, now makes the Peeps Marshmallow Maker.

MSNBC recently ran a very favorable article on the product. Peepsville, here I come!


At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Jackie said...

Totally with you on the stale factor. I like em so stale they're almost crunchy. Mmmmmmmmm

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Red Ladyblog said...

I agree, Jackie. I've been known to poke a hole in the plastic packaging a week before I actually eat them!

At 10:46 AM, Blogger savvy saver said...

Too funny! My fiance's mom still gives us Easter baskets... he's 25 and I'm 26! I too love the stale Peeps!



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