Tuesday, April 5

partners in crime

Always hip to a good deal? Welcome, my friend!

Bargain basements, online discounts, even clipped coupons--whatever the venue or medium, I like to consider myself in-the-know when it comes to digging up a deal. Cheap thrills, after all, allow me to pay the bills--while still affording me the occassional act of indulgence that a girl needs to, well, feel girly.

I have a reliable arsenol of internet aids: Ebay, Bluefly, Overstock.com; each has allowed me a taste of luxury without tanking out my bank account. I've scored a down comforter, designer shoes, magazine subscriptions... all at a fraction of what the unenlightened are paying.

Now it seems that even stolen goods are fair game on the web. The Property Room, "Police auctions online...and more!", auctions off repossessed items at arrestingly low prices.

After a thorough investigation, I'd say the Property Room is definitely worth booking, errr, bookmarking.

Where else can you find a pair of pearl earrings for a buck!


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