Tuesday, May 31

juggling act

So I've been MIA for, what, a few weeks now? Thought I'd test out the whole "absence makes the heart grow fonder" theory. It appears to be a false one, as nary a concerned comment ("Where are you, Red Ladyblog, I miss you!") appeared after my last posting. Just one question: am I the only one who tried for the free Evian water? I'll let you know if I do, in fact, receive my prize.

I must say I've been keeping on my toes as of late. Boyfriend and I are relocating to Beantown at the end of June--and we're finding that a lot of sweat, and even some tears (after seeing how much moving companies charge!) go into cross-country moves. Add to that busy workdays, grad school apps, and non-stop weekend travels for weddings & visits to see family, and you've got one dizzied, starry-eyed girl!

Speaking of balancing acts, on Saturday, I spotted a man running a marathon along Chicago's Lakeshore path, while juggling.

No, I am not making this up. If I myself weren't jogging at the time, I would have snapped a photo with my cell. Anyhow, I just Googled "marathon chicago juggling," and it appears I am not crazy. Talk about talent... or sheer insanity!