Sunday, July 10

crazy days of summer

Well, we made it to Boston, and are now adjusting to East Coast life. The 1000-plus mile drive went a lot quicker than I expected - even with an overnight stop along the way in Niagara Falls, NY. Yes, I know the Canadian side is supposed to be much better, but would you try driving through customs with a television-, stereo system-, pillow-, Nutrigrain Bar-, Google Maps printouts-, random bras and underwear-laden Grand Am? I didn't think so.

So anyhow, we're here, Boyfriend has started his medical residency, and I've started work and grad school... it's going to be a BUSY couple of years!

Thanks so much to those who have checked in on me during my absence; I have pure intentions of posting regularly just as soon as I get a bit more acclamated to all this change! In the interim, drop me an email ( - or post a comment - on the latest and greatest blogs you've seen. I'm feeling out of the loop! A demain....


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